Tips to Make Your Escort Experience Great

So, you’ve scheduled your very first visit with an escort and you’re unsure about what to do, say, or expect. Here are some suggestions to help you with what to do and say. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of meeting with a provider for the first time with the Mumbai escort agency.
Be on time
A two to three-minute early arrival is acceptable. It’s not a good idea to arrive 15 minutes early because your provider might still be seeing another customer or be busy preparing for your appointment. Aim to arrive no more than a few minutes early unless they have a waiting area and have specifically authorised it. So, fix the right time with the fresh escort site in Andheri.
Payment prepared
Make sure there are no misunderstandings or difficult situations regarding the payment for your session. Be aware of the pricing offered by your provider, and be prepared to pay when you arrive. It would be incredibly courteous not to force your escort to request payment since both you and your provider are aware that you are aware of the cost.cum in panties
Giving your service provider a gratuity in appreciation of their time and assistance is totally acceptable and wonderful. Consider your interaction to be just another customer service experience. You may choose to give the customary 15–25% (or more if it fits your budget) that you would give to any other customer service representative.
Greet each other
You don’t rush through the barber’s doors shouting, “GET TO CUTTING, I GOTS PLACES TO GO AND PEOPLE TO SEE!” when you go to the barber, so feel free to take a few minutes before your appointment to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. Asking your provider how they are today, whether they had a good day overall, or even how the weather is treating them is OK.