The origin of Anal Sex Fun

Because anal intercourse is viewed negatively, it is discouraged. Before I go any further, let me state unequivocally that I am a woman, not a horny man, and that I am not writing this from a sexually charged perspective. I’ve always wondered why males are so much into anal sex fun, and now I know why. Many of my questions are solved when I speak with a handful of my male friends, who then check them up on the internet. Because I was able to accomplish both this time, the material was intriguing to me. You will discover something new regarding anal interaction no matter who you are.

The Anal Sex History

Anal intercourse has been around for many decades, not just a few. Men performing anal acts on women are shown in ancient art. Women didn’t have much say in their careers back then. There was nothing else to talk about, in my opinion. For the time being, we’ll just let things happen as they will. Men frequently look at and examine women in etchings and paintings. For ideas on where to begin, look at old Chinese, Japanese, and European art.

In certain civilizations, anal sex fun was utilized to prevent women from becoming pregnant by restricting their sexual activity. As a result, people can have their sexual desires without bearing children. People assumed that “not actually sex” meant “not sex.”


I’d like to share what I’ve learnt from folks who are still alive in the twenty-first century with you. Most people feel that anal sex in general affords people more options for fulfilling their sexual fantasies and wants. People have more alternatives for meeting their sexual demands with anal sex. STDs are a concern even if they do not have children. The popular perception of males hasn’t changed much throughout time, but the perception of women has.


Asking a man about anal sex is akin to asking him what his favorite type of food is. The squeals and gasps of anal sex fun captivate them. You’re certain that no one has done anything sexual?