The long wait may soon be over for those interested in high-tech sex robot encounters. Life-size sex dolls combined with animatronics and artificial intelligence are starting to hit the market.

But can they replace real intimacy and sexuality between real people? Could this AI sex revolution end the sex industry? And maybe replace Escorte Suceava and even dating between real people?

It is fair to say that robotic sex dolls are still largely in the development stage. But these prototypes offer an insight into what sex robots might look like in the not-too-distant future. With ongoing testing, public opinion may very well influence the design and appearance of future artificial lovers.

Not to mention the ways people can interact with them. You can already take a robotic love doll home today. Or even download a doll with its own personality to have romantic and erotic conversations. And while some “sexbot” and AI sex doll projects are ahead of others, many are in the making. Some of the newer dolls or sex robots respond to touch. They talk. Their emotional intimacy is powered by artificial intelligence. So they appear to be very similar to humans.

Some researchers, who study sexuality, have hosted a virtual conference entitled “Love and Sex with Robots”. Some 130 academics and industry leaders attended. It has emerged that new possibilities for human-robot relationships are developing. It’s the wild west, as companies experiment with and commercialize new kinds of “experiences.” It seems that customers don’t necessarily want robots that are just like humans. In fact, many dolls have been made that can have one or both sexes. People like to somehow experience something that might not exist in reality.

Personalization is becoming commonplace. For example, for 3,000 euros, you can order a life-size talking doll. You choose her face and skin tone. Scholars are interested in understanding the intimacy between humans and their robotic companions. And this by observing with great curiosity where the technology is headed. And if you’ve ever wondered how much it costs to get such an advanced sex robot, here’s the answer. Some companies are developing robots which should cost between 30,000 and 60,000 euros! To make the interactions more realistic, they want to integrate the robotic sex doll with virtual reality.

And maybe add warmth to the skin and maybe even the genitals. For now, on the market there are removable inserts that resemble and imitate a vagina for around 500 euros. So this could be a convenient taste of the new emerging reality. AI is already present in many areas of our daily lives. So it is somewhat obvious that it is also implemented in our sexuality. However, it is hard to imagine that it could one day completely replace the emotional and sexual relationship between human beings.

You may be able to build robots that perfectly mimic human nature up to a point. But it is almost impossible to create a perfectly “human” robot that has the same emotionality as a person. However bots might be a good option for some people. For example for those who fantasize about perverted and dark sexuality. But replacing a healthy sexual relationship with robots would be sad and completely useless. Because at the end of the day a normal sexuality is part of every human being.