RDV Escort Guide and Advice For First Time Appointments

So, you’ve finally made your choice of an RDV escort and have an appointment, but do you understand what you need on such a date. Well, to make things simple, this piece will take you through the dos and don’ts on your first date with an escort.Sexnummern

Before Having the Meeting Set the Necessary Precautions

Before you leave your house or hotel, just take your bare minimum. There’s no need to carry your whole wallet. All you need is enough money for the date if you’ll be going out.. You can take an extra little for tips if you really enjoy the service but don’t go overboard.

Dress nicely as first impressions matter. Once you reach the parking lot, confirm that there is nothing suspicious like an ambush. Remember, VIP escorts usually have high-ranking or wealthy clients who can be blackmailed. If you are suspicious or have doubts, you can just walk away.

Take a Shower

Ensure you take a shower even if you have already had a bath if the escort agrees. To spice things up, you can also invite her. This acts as better foreplay. If she refuses to join in, make sure you keep your wallet, keys, and phone insight. This is just a precaution measure without any paranoia. Remember, an escort from a well-established escort company can never pick and run.khancherz

Don’t ask her directly for sexual acts, make her feel comfortable. Be more subtle and ask her if she feels like getting comfortable.

Don’t Be Afraid Even When You’re Shy.

RDV escorts are professionals. They know how best to handle clients. Once in bed, be it active or passive, don’t be afraid. She is an expert she knows how to handle new clients. However, it’s important during the booking to confirm everything so as not to go overboard. If she is okay with PSE (Porn star experience) or can offer DFK (Intensive French Kiss), just confirm everything beforehand.

Never Get Attached to an Escort

Once the date is over, she will give you all the nice compliments. This is her loyalty card to make you come back. Remember, escorts are way better actors. She is only there to make you have a good time, a dream bubble.

Snapback from the dream – Especially if you had a girlfriend experience or GFE experience, for some hours, the escort perfectly acted as she was your dream girlfriend; therefore, whatever she tells you, never get too attached. It’s just business.

There is no need to continue discussing her – You can thank her or tip her and leave. If you wish to continue with her as your escort, you can follow the right procedure by booking her services from RDV escort services.

Never Share your Driver’s License or Credit Card Details

When picking an escort, it’s important to keep your things personal. Even when making payments, the agency shouldn’t ask for copies of your documents. These documents can be used to hack or even compromise your bank accounts. Even for an agency that requires one to subscribe as a VIP, never be too quick to provide all information.

One on Meet Ups are Way Safer

Lastly, desist from back and forth communication with the agency, whether via live chats, phone calls, or whatever reasons. Instead, visit the agency in person or even arrange for a coffee date with the escort. This will help you build rapport.


As a gentleman, you must be smart, even if it’s your first time. The intention is to have fun but responsibly. RDV escort will provide you with someone that will make you feel comfortable through the whole experience.