My First Day As An Escort

There is also something interesting when talking about your first day at work, first day in school and all that. One of the things that is always clear is your naivety. We are all so naïve that we can be made to believe almost anything even the most stupid things in life. However, as time goes by, we realize there was more to life than the innocence we saw in people.

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During my first time as an Atlanta Escort there are a few things I came to learn. Some of these include:

  • Money is not always the main thing

Many first time Atlanta Escorts join the industry with an assumption that the only thing that matters in this industry is about earning good money. Therefore, they work carelessly and tend to waste much of their client’s time just to end their date and get paid.

  • Passion and respect goes a long way

Respect is always a two-way but it has to begin somewhere. Therefore, as an Atlanta Escorts I learnt to respect my clients with time which in return earned me their respect.


There is nothing wrong with making mistakes at the beginning of any new thing in life but repeating the mistakes over and over is never acceptable. That is the golden rule of Atlanta Escorts.