List of Countries with Cheapest Sex Workers

The erotic industry is experiencing significant growth, even in countries where it is not yet legalized. This has resulted in the presence of prostitutes in various locations, including the Red Light District in Holland and lesser-known areas in Mexico. However, the pricing of intimate services varies depending on the level of promotion for local girls and the country’s popularity in the commercial sex market. As a result, many sex tourists prefer countries that offer inexpensive entertainment and affordably priced women for a night. Experts have compiled a list of countries with the cheapest sex workers or escorts by analyzing client opinions and price information from local intimate service websites.

5th Position – The Czech Republic

Officially, prostitution is not prohibited in Czechia, and neither is the gambling business. This is why thousands of tourists visit the country annually, seeking affordable entertainment. Young and attractive girls from neighboring countries like Romania, Albania, and Ukraine come here to earn money, and the commercial sex industry is always open to new faces. Prague, the capital of Czechia, is particularly popular among tourists and travelers because it offers both cheap prostitutes and high-end escort girls.

In Prague, clients can expect to pay approximately $80-100 for a half-hour of sexual services in a nearby motel room. In smaller towns, the rates for intimate encounters with street prostitutes in the city center range from $60-80. As you move towards the outskirts of town, the prices decrease due to a decrease in tourist traffic, resulting in fewer potential clients. For those seeking more affordable options, there are low-cost providers located outside of town along the bypass roads. Here, one can indulge in non-stop sexual pleasures throughout the entire night for a mere $100-150.

4th Position– Mexico

The rise of sex tourism in Mexico is a relatively recent phenomenon. The legalization of the intimate industry took place only a few years ago. Prior to this, sex workers were already active in prostitution, primarily serving local clients. The increasing number of sex seekers, reaching hundreds of thousands annually, has provided a significant boost to the development of the Mexican shadow industry. To be more appropriate, vip escorts of Mexico are one of the reasons for the people to love and visit Mexico.

3rd – Ukraine

Only a select few assemblymen acknowledge the possibility of legalizing prostitution, which means that the official recognition of this profession remains a distant dream for now. However, the penalties for engaging in sex services are minimal, and those who seek such favors are not held accountable in any way. As a result, sex workers freely offer their services throughout the country without fear of punishment. One notable example is Kyiv, where the nightlife industry thrives, attracting men from all corners of the globe who eagerly anticipate encounters with local sex workers. According to, escort services in Kyiv are particularly popular among travelers from Turkey, Italy, Egypt, and Israel. The Spanish and Albanians also hold a strong affinity for the local girls. The more affordable category of prostitutes charges around 20-25 dollars for an hour of sexual entertainment, while the reliable and trustworthy ones seek to earn between 50-60 dollars.

2nd – Cuba

The demand for tourism in the islands of Cuba has led to the growth of the erotic industry in the country. While prostitution has traditionally been considered a semi-legal activity, the local authorities have chosen not to eliminate it due to payments from criminal organizations. As an illustration, around 200-220 pimps are arrested in a year, but within a few weeks, they return to their regular working locations.

1st – Thailand

Thailand is widely acknowledged as the indisputable frontrunner among nations where prostitution is affordable. According to rough estimates, there are over 2.8 million sex workers of varying sexual orientations, genders, and ages operating in this country, with more than 77,000 of them offering their services in legally sanctioned establishments during the night. The annual turnover of the intimate industry has long surpassed the staggering amount of 6 billion dollars. Despite the official illegality of prostitution in Thailand, the government not only turns a blind eye to it but also partially regulates the activities of these nighttime individuals, thereby ensuring some level of security and favorable working conditions.